Benefits Of Karate

Everything we do in our lives reflects its consequences in the form of decisions and actions that we take. Karate (or martial art in general) has played a big role in many people’s lives.

Some people are of the opinion that they have struggled with obstacles all through their lives.

Others are of the opposite views and think positives about life. These are usually those who have come across activities like Martial arts.

Learning this art helps the people to lead life in the right direction. Although people of all ages are benefitted by karate, but children and women get the most advantages of learning this art.

There are so many advantages to participating in a martial art; the following are a few examples:

1. Improves focus and discipline in children
The execution of karate requires mental focus and concentration towards the various activities. These moves trickle down into the everyday life of a child and in the long run improve his listening abilities, study habits, school performance, and ability to obey and follow directions.
2. Builds character

Karate, and other martial arts for children, builds confidence and self-esteem as well as self-discipline, respect, concentration and courtesy.
3. Improves decision making

Young children have impulsive nature and so they make decisions that are solely based on their emotions. With the learning of the disciplined and controlled teachings of karate children learn to make appropriate and correct choices all through their lives.
4. Helps to achieve goals.

Children who have better focus and concentration set their goals for life and work hard to fulfil their dreams and achieve their targets in life.
5. Helps mentally challenged children.

The practice of karate or martial arts helps to improve concentration in kids suffering from attention disorders.

6. Karate teaches self-protection
Karate is effective when used as self defence against a larger and stronger opponent.
7. Helps to reduce weight.

Karate helps to reduce excessive weight and far from the body. The exercises and movements in karate make use of every part of the body. The numerous twists and turns make every inch of the body work and burn the stored calories. It also enhances your heart rate which results in quick burning of unwanted fat.
8. Helps to relieve stress

In the world of today, women have placed themselves equivalent to men in their professional lives. Along with that they are also shouldering the maximum responsibility of managing their homes and children. Thus their lives are quite stressful and tiring. Karate is a good means to get rid of the days stress in a few minutes time.
9. Suitability

Martial Arts can be ideal for children (and adults) who do not do well in other sports, giving them the ability to flourish, while combining physical and mental practices.

Karate or Martial Arts offers endless benefits to their learners. Discipline itself brings many new benefits and strengthens the old ones. Karate teaches many new mental skills that should practiced to achieve success in life. So take some time out to learn this wonderful art.


1. Can be hard work

2. Can be scary at first

3. You need to turn up to classes! Experience tells us that after a hard day’s work or play, the thought of having to turn up to train (even though training is fun and often a pleasure) is enough to discourage actually turning up. It is the ability to overcome this urge where the true spirit of karate lies and that is the difference between success and failure. It is said 75% of success is actually in the turning up