Little Mongooses

The little mongooses are a specialised under 7ís class for those who wish to train in karate but are too small in stature and young in mind to cope with the full rigors of a karate class.

The classes are based upon the traditional syllabus for Shotokan Karate but emphasis is based on the key skills of balance, movement and self discipline appropriate for a child aged under 7.

A typical class will consist of gentle warm ups including stretching and animal forms. Followed by basic karate stances and movements, interjected with games of skill and balance. The class concludes with a story or meditation.

Three times a year the students at Little Mongooses will take a mini grading based on the 9th Kyu syllabus.

The successful student at the grading will receive a colour flash that is affixed to their white belt (if they wear a Gi).

The grades start with a Yellow flash, then Red flash followed by a Green flash and finally Blue. These are known as the rainbow grades.

Once the Blue flash has been earned the student will be invited to grade formally for 9th Kyu.