Herzog Hospital is Israelís foremost center for geriatric, respiratory, mental health and psychotrauma care, treatment and research. With 330 beds, it is the third largest hospital in Jerusalem. A Childrenís Chronic Respiratory Care Department treats children ranging in age from 3 months to 21 years. Herzogís Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma treats children and adult victims of terror attacks, war, domestic violence and other causes of trauma and provides training in Israel and internationally. The Hospitalís Clinical Center for Brain Research is internationally recognized for its work in Alzheimerís and Parkinsonís diseases, schizophrenia and other brain disorders and diseases. Due to the dramatic growth of Herzog Hospital, a new wing is being constructed to add 270 much needed beds.

The mission of the British Friends of the Herzog Hospital is :

To raise funds for Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem, assisting their work in treating those requiring geriatric and mental health care through comprehensive diagnosis and care; to help those suffering from the psychological trauma caused by terrorist attacks and other violence; to restore the dignity, hope and appreciable quality of life of those in its care; and to support its cutting edge research in its fields of expertise.

Support the growing number of partnerships between Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem and leading centres of excellence around the world in the fields of geriatric and psychiatric research.